Fap turbo 2.3 results

hey what’s up everybody this is a Casey Kepley coming at you here with the video about the forex market and expert advisors now I just started using these or this this robot it’s called a fap turbo I upgraded to the latest version which is 2.3 flash I don’t really have a whole lot of experience on the on the forex market at the moment you know when it comes to manual trading so I decided to try out an expert advisor which is basically an automated trading program that was developed by programmers using the mq4 language and what they do is they developed a product and then they launched they launched it on a brokerage platform like metatrader 4 which is what I’m using here now before I get started on this video I just want to say real quick that the videos are the other comments and stuff like that that I’m seeing out there some are good some are bad so you probably might be asking well which which expert advisor buy used because there’s so many out there that you can use there’s not really a good answer for that you just got an experiment you gotta take a risk you know it’s part of investing that’s part of taking that next step you know when it comes to financial independence you got to take risk you never try something you’re never going to know if it works so i decided i’m going to go ahead and try this and see what happens you know so i put five hundred fifty dollars in there and so forth so far i’ve made two hundred and ninety-four dollars which is about a fifty three percent return I’ll take that any day of the week you know I’ve been investing outside of the forex market for about two or three years and I still haven’t seen any returns even close to that under the S&P 500 has got a usually a annual return of about 9% you know for the year this is in one month guys fifty-three percent return on five hundred fifty bucks two hundred ninety-four dollars now that’s the good part of it what I’m about to show you though that’s not really the point in this video the point of this video and the focus on this video is showing you the negative side and the reason why I’m showing you the negative is for all you people out there who have said it’s wiped out your account you know it doesn’t work I lost money on it that kind of stuff okay well no you’re trading your your gambling pretty much when it comes to the investing you know I mean unless you know what you’re doing now if you’re using an expert advisor it’s probably because you don’t know the forex market you want something you’re kind of like me you want something that’s gonna possibly give you a return for your money while you’re working on figuring it out that’s what I’m doing okay so yeah it didn’t work for you well there’s a reason for that did you have your lot size set too high did you did you even research risk management on a forex market you know what comes to currency pairs do you even know which currency on this chart right now is the most stable out of all which one fluctuates the most during the day you know these are questions you need to ask yourself and things that you need to learn before you even get started on an expert advisor robot okay and you’re probably hearing the frustration in my voice right now well I can tell you why I’m frustrated it’s because people want to bash a product or say oh I lost money it’s the end of the world don’t use this program it did not you know did not make me rich not a millionaire as I expected overnight that kind of crap man get out of here with that seriously if you’re looking for something to make you millions of dollars overnight go back to land seriously there’s no such thing you know evening I mean even if you’re expecting this thing to make you um I don’t know three four hundred dollars a day on 500 bucks that’s unrealistic stop being over optimistic you know be a realist have low expectations because guess what I’m down two hundred and nineteen dollars right now okay now here’s the thing though I’m not freaking out I don’t really care I went into this thing expecting to lose my money okay I had low expectations to begin with now the good news is these trades are still going on top of that though guys if you’re gonna if you’re going to make comments about a product like an expert advisor for you know an automated trading robot if you have any comments about that stuff and say oh I blew my account I lost all this money for God’s sakes man do what I’m doing right now freakin show the evidence show where you’re losing money man seriously because all I see out there when it comes to expert advisors and the fact turbo you know negative reviews and stuff that I’m seeing it’s all just a bunch of freaking you know I don’t know people who don’t know what the they’re doing going out and type in comments and that’s it then we have any videos no screenshots no nothing like this to show you that they’re losing money so i’m posting this to back up what they’re saying a little bit and on you know on one side of the coin and then on the other though i’m basically you know I’m gonna let you have it dude stop being a moron stop posting negative comments man back it up for God’s sakes anyways I just wanted to show you guys that but look look here you know that’s what I made so far today I did it on a positive note so I’ll keep you posted on what ends up happening here uh you know I’ve got one more day left and then that will in the month of April but so far it’s pretty good man I made two hundred ninety-four dollars and I didn’t even have to work for it and for all you people out there posting these negative comments and bashing the out of it saying oh I’m losing all my money and get real with yourself or at least shield evidence post a video you know that I just I can’t stand people who want to sit there and try to take something that somebody tried to create to better you and then you’re going to set there and bash the out of it because it doesn’t make you rich overnight or it doesn’t work one hundred percent well hello you know earth to what a you are you know it’s the real world this is investing you don’t want to move if you don’t want to lose money don’t vest that’s I guess that’s what I’m getting at you don’t want to lose money don’t invest period get out of this expert advisor stuff get out of the markets because guess what the world doesn’t need you anyway it’s unfinished I’ll talk to you guys letters is getting me fired up so but yeah that’s that’s the expert advisor for you on fapturbo i’ll probably post another video tomorrow with my end results here in April anyways I’ll talk to you guys later


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