FapTurbo 3.0 Final Review || Is FapTurbo 3.0 Scam ??

hey folks today is January the 13th is currently 821 in the afternoon today we’re gonna do our fapturbo 3.0 final review and the first day of this week was January the 9th let’s take a look and see what happened this week alright looks like we started taking trades here and we did actually closed a few trades that were opened earlier all right so we closed quite a few trades this week let’s see here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and then we had 9 10 11 12 so we closed out 12 trays this week had several profit targets get hit nice $271 wins and we also had a few losses here let’s see here 257 182 176 176 and see here this was this lost this week it certainly was 382 that was a pretty heavier sized loss right there alright let’s go ahead and check out the myfxbook account and see exactly what all this looks like so as you guys can see this week we’re actually down 1.5 percent which comes out to being a hundred and sixty three dollars and you can see basically the system makes profit we get this nice little uptick nice little mountain then it pulls down a little bit nice sized mountain here then pulls back same thing here you know we make some profits little losses bigger profits little losses bigger profits so it’s been pretty consistent and what it’s been doing here I remember initially when we got started in November I’m pretty sure we got started around some news time not news but around some holidays and that really really messed up our start from what I recall but it was able to rebound relatively well from that December we made 9.95 percent and then January so far we’ve made three point five seven percent and in November we lost five point five one percent and that’s what leads us to our final result of seven point seven six percent so was the system profitable yes definitely it was profitable let’s go ahead and take a look at several different scenarios of what we can do with this system alright so initially we’ll look at what actually happened here and that’s what you guys were seeing on your screen right now that’s the full system testing results obviously seven hundred and sixty dollars and thirty-six cents profit seven hundred and sixty dollars and thirty-six cents obviously it uh did pass testing there all right let’s go ahead and take a look now at Sammie’s results before we get into the Bitcoin stuff all right Sammy’s default results he lost one thousand three hundred and seventy eight dollars and fifteen cents let’s take a look at that chart let’s see here you mean one second folks while I try to find that got three charts up for him so I gotta find the right one here it is all right you guys can see here – one thousand three hundred and seventy eight dollars and fifteen cents these are his default results if you recall he did several different testings he did one for default one for the MTS strategy only and one with the MTS and long-term strategy are so next let’s test out the MTS strategy only results all right one moment got to redownload that all right this is the MTS only results as you can see here close trade profit and loss three thousand three hundred and eighty five dollars and ninety four cents total net profit same amount as you can see I have that right here alright last thing we’re gonna look at is the MTS plus the long term strategy results so let’s pull that up here if I can download the right chart that would be helpful alright I think this is it here no that’s the chart I just show here it is I apologize guys I have quite a few different things up on my screen right now on the other screen I’m trying to find where I actually put his three charts all right so here is the third chart right here and this is the MTS plus the long-term strategy and let’s see here close trade profit and loss you can see four hundred and sixty nine dollars and sixty six cents total net profit same thing here for sixty nine sixty six and that’s exactly what I have here for 69-66 so he was profitable on two of his systems or on two of his tests and one he wasn’t all right let’s go ahead and check out the Bitcoin results here as you guys know I’m sure you can tell from my previous weekly update reviews I’ve been really excited about the results that I’ve seen with Bitcoin in particular and if we would have traded just Bitcoin by itself we had what is it 15 total trades with Bitcoin and we only had two losers now out of those 13 winning trades this was our profit and out of those two losers this was our loss which gave us two thousand eight hundred and seventy-six dollars and 55 cents and this is from a what is that a ten thousand dollar sim account so definitely a good result over this two month testing period and I would say Bitcoin is easily the better route especially with that win rate folks 15 trades and over two months with only two losses definitely a high winrate definitely the method that I would go moving forward the other systems honestly folks they seem really sporadic really up and down they are a lot of them are most of them were they most of them did pass our testing but just the way they reacted to the markets you know it was really sporadic like you can see here in his testing you can see the market was here at zero then we had really nice winning streak then he came right back down to almost zero then the market came back up again it’s just really sporadic it was profitable over that period but personally I’d like to see something like this so if you guys do test it just my own personal opinion definitely get started with Bitcoin you can play around with the others if you want to but I think like I said I think Bitcoin is the play to be made if you’re gonna look at testing out fabturbo 3.0 all right guys we’re approaching the 8-minute mark here I hope you guys found this video informative if you guys have any questions on fabturbo 3.0 definitely let me know and almost forgot let me read what Sammy actually wrote me about this all right let’s see here FAP Turbo 3.0 is an interesting concept and let me see here I still think it has some adjustments adjustments that need to be made honestly and realistically it did not have the great success that it was promised on the sales page profits were there but very minimal considering the time the EA has been running it under different circumstances it managed for nearly two months perhaps future updates will adjust for his weak points in addition to address in the FIFO rule again I think FAP Turbo 3.0 has wonderful potential but right at this moment I think the swings of profits and losses are too much without consistency there’s not enough stability or profit trending it for me again let’s see what future updates bring to improve on a potentially good expert advisor and then he closes with saying good working with you Larry on the EA and good profit hunting for everyone listening alright so definitely some great information to him and in closing with that you know I want to thank Sammy for taking the time to send me all his charts and helping everybody with that and lastly Bitcoin is the clear star of this test that we’ve done here that’s really you know the main thing I hope you guys take away from this test and review if you guys have any questions again send them my way I’m gonna go ahead and wrap this up now we’re pushing 10 minutes hope you guys have a great weekend and I’ll see you guys on the next review


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