FapTurbo 3.0 Bitcoin Trader 9/1/17 Update

hey folks today is September the first is currently 708 in the afternoon as you can see here we’re in our on our Bitcoin chart and we’re trading the fapturbo 3.0 premium expert advisor this is going to be our weekly update review first day of the week is the 28th all right let’s take a look here real quick all right so I’m seeing a lot of negatives here but I’m thinking I’m seeing more positives we had a nice run of winning trades here and we can also see a take profits and the stops that got hit I think I’m gonna have to give it to the take profits this week even though it looks like there are a lot of cases where our stop loss actually got hit let’s go ahead and take a look real quick at the website so we can get some myfxbook as always just come to Empire ambition comm click on any one of the fabturbo updates scroll down click on the chart and you’ll be able to follow along daily and see what trades were taken alright so it looks like 0.51% today and this week we’re at point eight five percent or two dollars and five cents not bad at all and I know you guys are thinking that’s not a lot but you have to remember we’re only trading point zero one Lots so this is a very small if things actually go pretty well next week I might bump it up to point zero two but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens we would actually be in profit right now if it weren’t for uh where’s it at that trade right here I spoke about this in last week’s video very disappointed in the fact that uh this happened for whatever reason the expert advisor didn’t close out the tray when we got to our profit target and it acts the market actually went three times our profit target and it didn’t close it out this could have been a huge profit for us but it is what it is we ended up with a loss so we’ll take it just keep going forward hopefully we can uh get that dollar in thirty four cents back next week and it looks like we’re making about 60 cents for each one in trade so we definitely won’t need too many to get back into profit and this is only our second week of testing so plenty of time and like I said if next week ends in profit I’ll go ahead and jump things up to 0.2 or 0.3 or excuse me point 0-2 or 0.2 0.3 and we’ll let it run at that level all right as always if you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to send them my way if you want to get your I don’t think let me see if this one has a free trial yep if you want to get your seven day free trial of fapturbo 3.0 make sure you click the link below I hope you guys have a great weekend and I will see you next week on the eighth on our next weekly update review

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